Ocean Training Invitational



Ocean Training Invitational

Worlds Teams welcome!

Join us for this Optimist Clinic in Lanzarote!

In this exclusive training you will have the opportunity to sail in heavy winds and big waves conditions, looking for similarities with the IODA World Championship, to be held in Mar del Plata, Argentina. 

In addition to this, you will enjoy the opportunity of sailing with other World Teams, in a mixed format practice:

- Technical Sessions: with your own team & coach

- Fleet Practice & Races: mixed teams, join practice

- Team Racing practice

Local expert Bocha Pollitzer will coordinate and lead this training block, coaching USA Worlds Team. 

Beside his great reputation as a coach, he also an extensive knowledge of both race courses: Lanzarote and Mar del Plata. 

If you want more information you can contact him at bocha@dinghycoach.com 

Registrations are subject to admission, since we are looking for high level practice. Qualified World Team members will have priority.


Date & Time
Tuesday, August 13, 2024
Start - 8:00 AM (Etc/GMT)
Sunday, August 18, 2024
End - 4:00 PM (Etc/GMT)

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Marina Rubicón, Lanzarote

--Marina Rubicón, Lanzarote--
--Marina Rubicón, Lanzarote--

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