What a summer for our 29er sailors!

What a summer for our 29er sailors!

Get ready to be inspired by two incredible Irish teams who have set the sailing world abuzz with their talent, teamwork, and succes. Achieving the vice world champion and European champion title. Meet Teams Trash, Emily Riordan and Jessica Riordan, and Lucia Cullen and Alana Twomey, as they share their journeys, challenges, and victories in the 29er class.

Emily and Jessica Riordan, sisters united by a love for the sea, began their sailing journey over 2.5 years ago. From their initial days in the optimist class to sailing regional and national events, their shared passion kept them sailing forward. Emily loved the idea of of something with speed which led her to the 29er class, while Jessica loved sailing with someone else in the both and have common goals to work towards. 

Lucia Cullen and Alana Twomey, an exceptional duo, started their sailing adventures together when they met each other on our optimist training in Lanzarote. They decided to sail together, and that’s how they got into the world of the 29er class.

Both teams credit their success to a strong bond and effective teamwork together with the coaching of Bocha. For the Riordan sisters, being siblings means understanding each other's strengths and emotions. Their secret? Focusing on facts, finding common ground, and maintaining positivity.

Lucia and Alana, on the other hand, thrive on their complementary strengths. Lucia takes on tactics, while Alana ensures their boat performs at its peak. Their adaptability and good vibes on board keeps them sailing smoothly through challenges.

Preparation is key in sailing, and both teams took it seriously. Emily and Jessica's focus leading up to the World Championship was speed in the heavy weather. Lucia and Alana concentrated on improving key aspects of their sailing, like starts and mark roundings, before the European Championship. Both teams also spend time at our sailing base in Lanzarote.

Their efforts paid off. Emily and Jessica showcased remarkable growth at the World Championship, and getting the well-deserved title of vice world champions. Lucia and Alana's hard work and training led them to claim the European Championship title.

The future is full of promise for these young sailors. Emily plans to transition to the FX class, while Jessica explores her options. Lucia and Alana have their sights set on the Youth Worlds in Brazil and beyond, with Lucia eyeing the 49erFX class for Olympic aspirations.

The collaboration and competition with fellow Irish 29er teams has played a significant role in their journeys. The Riordan sisters and Lucia and Alana, have not only pushed each other to excel but also formed great friendships. Their rivalry on the water is balanced by their friendship and support off the water.

These young sailors remind us that sailing is more than a sport—it's a journey of growth, friendships, and inspiration.

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