A Spooktacular Halloween at DinghyCoach: Training and Regatta's Galore.


The spirit of Halloween brought not only costumes and candy but also a wave of excitement to DinghyCoach's training center. With two back-to-back Halloween clinics and an action-packed regatta, the end of October was filled with youthful energy, windy sails, and a thrilling competition. Let's take a closer look at what happened at our sailing center.

Optimists and ILCA Lasers Take Center Stage:

From the 23rd to the 27th of October, DinghyCoach's training center welcomed a group of Optimist and ILCA Laser sailors. The boat park buzzed with young talent as our coaches Pim, Bocha, and Tomas organized training sessions that pushed these future sailing stars to their limits.

In the Optimist group, a motivated group of young sailors improved their skills, sharing the waters with fellow Optimist enthusiasts from other programs. The companionship was as vibrant as the colorful Optimist sails, setting the stage for future rivalries and friendships.

For the ILCA Lasers, a diverse group of five promising sailors took to the waves. Two Dutch sailors, an American sailor, and two sailors hailing from the Cayman Islands formed a unique international mix. They all worked hard and learned a lot during last week.

Halloween Regatta Spectacle:

As the clinic wrapped up, the weekend of the 27th to the 29th saw the Lanzarote waters transformed into a Halloween regatta. An impressive fleet of 80 Optimist sailors arrived upon the training center, ready to battle it out in a series of races. Eight races and a medal race were held, providing a thrilling showdown of sailing skills and tactics.

The Halloween regatta was a celebration of not only racing but also the supportive and encouraging atmosphere that DinghyCoach is known for, where young sailors strive to outdo themselves while enjoying the companionship of fellow competitors.​

Second Halloween Clinic Welcomes 29ers and Personal Coaching:

The sailing excitement didn't stop there. From October 30th to November 3rd, DinghyCoach hosted the second Halloween clinic, this time with the addition of 29er sailors. These high-performance double-handed skiffs provided an exciting contrast to the Optimists and ILCA Lasers.

Additionally, during this clinic, a dedicated Opti sailor received personalized coaching from Teun in der Maur, providing an exceptional opportunity for tailored guidance and skill development.


The Halloween clinics and regatta at DinghyCoach were nothing short of a sailing spectacle. Youth sailors from various classes came together to learn, grow, and compete, all while building friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. With dedicated coaches, a supportive community, and a passion for sailing, DinghyCoach continues to be a hub of excellence for young sailors looking to set sail towards a promising future in the sport.​

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