• February 7, 2022 - February 9, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


7-9 FEBRUARY 2022

General Information and Sailing Instructions

Some information to help make it a nice regatta for all with good spirit and co-operation

Rules and On water Umpiring
RRS 2020/24 racing rules apply that includes on water umpiring by the daily assigned coaches.
Any on water-initiated penalty (particularly mark roundings and rule 42) by an umpire will be a 720 degree turns penalty


Entry fee & prize money
60 Euro entry fee – to be payed at Dinghycoach office next to new ramp.
We will pay expenses from this entry fee (a fee for the Race Officer + helper, gasoline RC rib, etc).

There will be price money awarded to the winning sailors. Amounts will be confirmed once total number of entries are clear.

Please make sure your sailors have an identification mark on their sails. No ID, no result.


Start times and course areas
Will be advised night before the next days’ racing, no later then 20.00h.  Start times will probably be early afternoon and course area between one of our 3 racecourse areas (El Faro, Marina Bay, Papagayo Beach).


There will be three different courses – diagrams will be shared with coaches.


Start line/finish – anchored coach/RC boat at each end or yellow training marks or combination or both.

Important: If using coach boats, the line is between the wind masts of each boat.

If using yellow training marks (two marks at the CV end and two at the pin end) the start/finish line is from the windward mark at the CV end and the leeward mark at the pin end.
Top marks and gate marks – big yellow inflatables


Starting procedure
Normal 5,4,1,0

  • The first start is with U flag – any individual recalls must take 270 penalty turn
  • If the first start is a general recall, the second or third starts will be black flag starts.
  • Any identified early starters in a black start will get a 720 degree turns penalty that must be taken immediately after starting. If there are more starts, either black flag or rabbit, the penalty is still alive and must be to be taken after the start that gets away.


Coaches role
Coaches will have various roles each day, please see the schedule for each day. This schedule will be provided during first coachmeeting.
Please let your sailor know that at times you will have a particular role running the races.
An updated schedule will be done daily. Any suggestions to make for smooth running please use the What’s App group.


We use VHF channel 73 for general info, five minute pre start warning with Orange flag up.


Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca, Las Palmas, 35580, Spain